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The CGF Sustainability Podcast takes a deep dive in to all things sustainability: from forced labour, to plastics, food waste, deforestation, and refrigeration. The series gives listeners insights in to the strategies of the key players working behind the scenes to tackle the challenges facing our industry and the planet.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Fight Against Forced Labour

    In the second episode of the CGF Sustainability Podcast series, we spoke to Nicholas Glicher, lawyer and Chief Operating Officer at Thomson Reuters Foundation. Nicholas talks about the role of law in the fight against forced labour, how the Foundation’s Stop Slavery Awards is driving change and empowering our industry, ...


  2. A Conversation with Mike Barry

    Mike Barry is known throughout the responsible business world for his work on the development and delivery of Marks & Spencer’s Plan A, the company’s consumer focused sustainability plan. As he finishes his term as co-chair of the CGF’s Sustainability Steering Committee, we wanted to capture his reflections on his ...