Technologies Fuelling Disruption in Consumer Industries

May 02, 2019
In this episode of the End-to-End Value Chain podcast, Klaus Boeckle, Vice President of Business Development in Europe for venture capital firm Sapphire Ventures, shares his perspective on the next-generation technology trends that are revolutionising consumer industries and what IT leaders need to do to help their enterprises stay responsive and competitive in today's market. 
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Data and Visibility of Labour and Human Rights Risk

April 23, 2019
More and more, consumers want the brands they buy from to reflect their own values, treat workers fairly, protect the environment, and employ honest business practices. Technology plays an increasingly critical role in this regard as the gathering, transformation and loading of specific data is key. In this episode of the End-to-End Value Chain podcast series, we hear from Jamie Barsimantov, COO & Co-founder of SupplyShift, who shares his insights on leveraging data for end-to-end vi...
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Branding, Marketing and Optimisation in FMCG

April 08, 2019
In this episode of the  End-to-End Value Chain podcast, Eric Howerton, Co-Founder and CEO of WhyteSpyder,  shares his insights on the role of start-ups in the FMGC sector, branding and marketing, optimisation and more.
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The Conscious Consumer

March 25, 2019
In this episode of the End-to-End Value Chain podcast, Boris Manhart, CEO of CodeCheck,  shares his thoughts on consumer behaviour, market trends, and the use of technology to understand consumer groups.
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